Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Miss Mouse by Northern Spanking

Hello folks!  There is a new film on Northern Spanking featuring Sascha Harvey, Jadie Reece, Stephen Lewis and my good self.  It is a secretary theme and I have to say Jadie and I are the WORST secretaries ever!!  Not only that the film has a montage and we all know everybody needs a montage.  Even Rocky had a montage.  Look out for a cameo role in said montage.  I dare say no more else the person in question may beat me to death in ways to terrible to imagine....Click on any of the pics to visit the site and see this and many other great films.

The story goes as follows.  Sascha is good at her job as a senior executive at BR Supplies. However, she is a bit of a doormat. Her two secretaries, Leia and Jadie, run rings around her as she tries to appease them and be liked. In trying to gain their respect she achieves the complete opposite. When her boss calls her in to find out the whereabouts of a report that is required, Sascha makes excuses for the girls. However, Mr Lewis is no fool. He knows the girls take advantage and telling Sascha so he tries to inspire her to be a better leader.

Enjoy this film folks.  It does have a comedy edge but there is plenty of CP action too.  We loved making it, and from what I hear Lucy enjoyed editing it.  Hurrah for Northern Spanking!


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