Wednesday, 3 October 2012

100 ways to be a good girl. Again.

Last Thursday was a day of atonement for Miss Woods.  This was a much deserved punishment.  Many of you may know that Mrs Darling (Miss Lucy McLean) and Miss Hammond-Grant (Miss Amy Hunter) recently took the Darlings Academy finishing school to America to showcase their fine school. Their aim was to enroll students from the USA, providing a truly international status of excellence for their school.  Unfortunately Miss Woods (me) decided to sabotage the classes by suggesting to those American students she knew to be attending to wear inappropriate underwear to each class.  Naturally this was discovered upon the inevitable punishments and Indy (Innocent? Indy) decided to pipe up and drop me right in the dung.  Up to my eyeballs to be precise.  Needless to say both Mrs Darling and Miss Hammond Grant were furious with me for sabotaging their class and managing to cause chaos from another CONTINENT (personally I thought I had achieved new heights in my career, but hey) and had decided I should receive 6 strokes of the cane for each lady wearing the wrong underwear at the US event.  This amounted to 42 strokes.  Oh dear.

I decided I should turn up to my punishment looking as much of a lady as possible so wore patent black heels, fully fashioned seamed stockings, a pinstripe skirt and blouse.  My choice of underwear was not so wise, but we shall get to that.  I was escorted into the room and faced with my guardian and Miss Hammond-Grant (unfortunately Mrs darling was called away to a kitchen fire in elementary baking).  Both gave me the lecture of my life and I was soon thoroughly ashamed of my behaviour.  I had not only let the school down but myself and my guardian.  Those infamous words rang out in my head, "Miss Woods, once again...".

I was then instructed to sit at a school desk and pull out some writing material.  I was confused, but after the lecture I had just received I was unwilling to disobey.  My Guardian then instructed me to write 100 lines, 'I will not taint the reputation of the academy'.  I was horrified.  I have NEVER had to do 100 lines before worried on how long this would take me.  Would I get extra punishment if I was too slow?  I began immediately, hoping that my guardian would be impatient to get to the corporal punishment (this does happen on occasion, much to my relief!), but neither Miss Hammond_Grant or my guardian entered the room until I was on line 98.  By that time I wished to complete the written punishment, even though my hand ached and I had ink everywhere.  They checked the lines, leaving me to worry about whether I would be punished for untidy writing, or worse the wrong number written.  I had done the right number and they seemed happy with my effort.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Both seemed pretty unhappy with me.  I was teetering on expulsion.

The moment had come.  I was due to take my caning.  I was given 21 blistering strokes on my bottom from Miss Hammond_Grant, some of which whistled into my crease, an area so delicate and painful.  I tried to remain quiet, not wanting to give either of them the satisfaction of showing my discomfort, but I could not help yelling out in pain.  I was just lucky Mrs Darling was not there, else I would have been bent over for 42 strokes, which would have been too painful to imagine.  My punishment was not over.  I had decided to wear a thong, which given the reason for my punishment was foolish at best.  This was 6 strokes with the new Finishing School wooden paddle.  My bottom was now a mass of stinging stripes and, well, sting.  I was allowed to stand and was sat in the chair in front of everyone.  My punishment was over.  I was dismissed.  Never have I slipped out of a room so fast. 

 My guardian has always been scary to me but Amy Hunter by rights should not be as she is one of my closest friends.  That does not seem to matter.  In role she intimidates me and I can do nothing but take her seriously.  Christ, even Mrs Woods takes her seriously whilst all the other screws suffer her acid tongue.  Why?  I am not sure, but I sure enjoy it!  Thank you to those involved in that scene, it was truly hot and I managed another new punishment:  the writing of 100 lines.  I truly have never done that before.


Madmusician said...

I quite like having the girl memorise the line and then recite it before or after each stroke with some severe implement. It's quicker than actually writing the lines, obviously; and of course you can give extras for miscounting or making a mistake in the recitation.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Christ! That would have had me take 100 strokes. From Miss Hunter. Even I am beyond that one ;-)

Madmusician said...

I don't think 100 strokes are absolutely essential; however you could take 50 and if you made a real mess of repeating the line the punishment could be repeated the following day...

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Possibly. Though these were HARD strokes ;-)

Madmusician said...

That sounds almost like a challenge!

Leia-Ann Woods said...

What I mean is I would struggle to take that punishment.

Madmusician said...

I'm sure you would rise to that challenge... Miss Woods is not known for giving up...

Leia-Ann Woods said...

She is getting better at knowing when to though!

Madmusician said...

I hope she's not weakening in the light of experience...!

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