Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Double sessions with Miss Amy Hunter and myself

Well, we have finally decided the world is ready to see the pair of us together.  Miss Hunter and I are offering double sessions, where the Lady is dominant whilst I am submissive.  Nice idea right?  You may experience the joy of subbing to Miss Hunter with me at your side.  You may think you can take solace in that but is there really any such thing as subbie solidarity?  One may ask and I don't always play by the rules you know...

Do you dare face Miss Hunter with me?  Maybe you will have to take less punishment as I get myself into trouble with you.  Maybe I would grass you up to Miss Hunter to score brownie points.  Maybe Miss Hunter will simply punish the pair of us with impunity.  Maybe you simply want to observe how the lady deals with someone like me.  Afterall, participation is not obligatory.  Whatever the outcome you will be in for an exciting session with us...

Find out more about us from our respective websites:

Contact Miss Amy Hunter:

Contact Leia (me, obviously):

We look forward to hearing from you.

We are also offering double Domme sessions....for further information please go here


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