Monday, 10 September 2012

Back in olde London town

Hello folks,

I do apologise for my absence online and over the phone for the last ten days.  I have been away with a close family member helping them recover from major surgery.  They are now on the the mend and making a good recovery so I am back and back in the kinky (and non kinky) saddle.

If you have been trying to get in touch by phone I am now able to receive calls.  If you have sent mail that I have not yet replied to then I shall be covering them over the next 24 hours.  There are rather a lot.  I am not complaining, it makes me feel popular, even if I am not!

I shall post something kinky as it happens, though even while away I managed to get into trouble with the Boss and Mrs Darling and Miss Hammond Grant.  Yes, I have finally managed to cause trouble from another continent whilst the other ladies were at SL teaching our American friends the art of being a lady.  This may not end well, but I shall share every humiliating detail here.  That's all folks!


Kaelah said...

It's good to hear that you are alright, Leia-Ann, and that your family member is on the mend and making a good recovery. I read about your trouble on Indy's blog. I would feel sorry for you if I weren't sure that you somehow enjoy getting into trouble! ;-)

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