Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bottoms Up party 14th September

At Bottoms Up we aim to run a party with a difference! Gentlemen will be greeted on arrival with a glass of champagne and a chance to meet and get to know our ladies before the action begins. Our host Leia-Ann Woods is quite incorrigible with her unladylike behaviour and will be bent over and have her bottom bared for a cold caning. Six of the best from each of you gentlemen is just what this lady deserves! Once Miss Woods has been shown the error of her ways it is time for the other ladies to face the music with her. Gentlemen will be asked by each lady to see them for a 'mini' 1-2-1 session for a spanking and a good few strokes with a strap or paddle to correct their behaviour! We will break for a buffet lunch before the ladies are given a dose of good Olde English discipline; The cane. Each girl will be called up individually to receive six strokes from each gentleman. We hope such a punishment in front of an audience will have our ladies transformed to behave in the ladylike behaviour one should expect!

Our next party will be on the 14th September (12-6pm)! We will be hosting it at a lovely venue in Central London, near Vauxhall railway/underground station. We do hope you will join us!
Contact us at bottomsupspanking@hotmail.co.uk 07595738626.

It is a new school year at the Fossil Hall finishing school and the ladies are still showing little improvement. In baking the girls managed to severely damage the kitchen after Miss Woods decided to show the others an amusing experiment involving mento's and a bottle of coke. Needless to say the Home Economics teacher is recovering in hospital after such a shocking display and the ladies must be punished once more. At this rate they will NEVER graduate! The ringleader being Miss Woods, her sentence has been extended to a very humiliating, public cold caning from each gentleman in the audience. She has really done it this time so the gentlemen mustn't hold back!

For those gentlemen who switch there is an opportunity to do this during the latter half of the party.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, please come and join us. We host our parties at a high-class venue in Central London, with an atmosphere to match. We hope to see you there!


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