Monday, 21 January 2013

An Inspector calls...again.

The government  and economy as was known has collapsed.  A new government of the UK has come into power bringing with it some radical new rules.  All women must marry by the age of 25 and must now work.  All jobs are to be held solely by the male population, with the exception of a few government approved jobs.  Any woman not complying to these rules risks arrest and a sentence in a labour camp, where the majority of produce is now farmed.  Women in the camps endure harsh conditions and many break to the system and find a suitable partner.  Leia and a small group of dissidents are fighting the system, desperate to bring down the government and restore the democracy that was.  The government sends out inspectors to known dissidents to assess their current situation.  Those not bending to the rules must suffer a harsh punishment in their own home or face the more serious punishment of a spell in a labour camp.  Leia has already been inside once; she does not wish to go there again.  With other plans in the offing Leia is prepared to do anything to get the inspector off her back until these plans can be realized...

Wednesday 16th is an evening Leia had planned for a date.  They both shared an interest in fun kink so she had laid out all they might need for an evening of fun.  With a man potentially on her side she can see the benefit of this relationship in more ways than one.  The bell rings and Leia happily goes to answer it.  The person at the door is not quite who she was expecting.  It was the inspector.  Worse, he has brought along an assistant, none other than Officer Amy Hunter, a lady Leia had encountered whilst at the labour camp.  Leia was shocked, much to the amusement of her 'guests', but tried to cover her fear with abrasive wit and sarcasm.  She failed.  Within minutes Leia found herself in the humiliating position of being spanked over Miss Hunter's knee.  Leia found the lady to be no joke when it came to meting out punishment.  Leia's bottom was soon very sore and she was allowed to stand.  Sadly it was not a bit over for Leia.  The inspectors wanted to drive the message home once and for all and this meant pain and humiliation for Leia.  Leia was made to strip naked and assume humiliating positions for the male inspector to assess, including bending towards the man whilst cupping her breasts and bending over, gripping her ankles with her legs spread wide apart.  Leia wanted to break, but could not let them see they were getting to her.  Naturally, the corporal punishments were not over and Miss Hunter decided on some particularly sadistic ones; ones that included using the implements Leia had laid out against her.  

Miss Hunter attached pegs to Leia's nipples and labia; the ones on the labia preventing her from keeping her legs closed.  With these in place,  Leia was to suffer searing strokes of the strap on her bottom and some blistering strokes of the cane, which were so painful she could not help but cry out in pain.  Worst though was to be the strokes Miss Hunter had planned with the tawse on Leia's hands.  Unable to avoid eye contact with the woman, Leia could not help but wince in pain.  This seemed to please Miss Hunter and the inspector  immensely.  Desperate now to get them to stop and get them out of the house, Leia said anything and everything she could think of to get them to believe she was going to mend her ways.  In many ways, she even thought it might actually be a good idea; after all marriage can't be that bad, can it?  Finally they both stopped, the inspector handing out one final threat before they leave.  Relieved Leia slumps onto her sofa, still wincing in pain.  There has to be a way out of this hell, right?

Of course JM (the inspector) and Miss Hunter then proceeded to wish me a happy birthday (what a gift, thank you guys!) and we drank plenty of champagne generously brought along by JM.  It was a fantastic evening and super hot, especially with the surprise entrance of my lovely (but highly sadistic) friend Miss Hunter.   


Kaelah said...

A very special way to celebrate your birthday, Leia-Ann! It sounds like you had a good time, though (if one can call it that). ;-) A belated Happy Birthday to you!

EnglishJeff said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you Leia.

And thank you for sharing that lovely vision of Utopia with us.

Utopia? No, not the brutal dictatorship, but a world where Birthday Girls get the presents they desire. :-)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Thank yoi Kaelah and English Jeff, it was a fabulous evening!

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