Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Chosen

Two women. Unsuspecting. Unknowing. About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013. Northern Spanking Gets Evil.

Here is what Northern had to say about the making of this film:

This film was born out of an idea from Stephen Lewis. What would happen if we made a film where the girls involved didn't know what was going to happen to them? What would happen if we filmed it live? So excited by this as a project we set out to make it happen.

We spoke to a few girls about this project and we were surprised by quite how many were receptive to the idea, and even more than were downright excited by it. Jadie practically begged us to be involved, and Sascha was incredibly keen too. As we know both girls intimately, as they are friends as well as models, we decided they would be the best two for the experiment. We love them, they trust us. But it wasn't quite that simple.

In order to make this film, we asked both girls to supply us a detailed and definitive list of their hard limits, understanding that out side that list, anything goes. From there, Stephen and Lucy made a rough framework of how they were going to play it out, but as they didn't know how the girls would react and would have to continually assess the situation, even they didn't really know what would happen in the scenes.

There was no scripting, no rehearsal and no blocking. Not even proper lighting. The girls had to be completely lost in the moment and the headspace. They had no idea when they were being filmed and when they were not. The camera operators, Paul and Leia-Ann had no idea what would happen or when. It was filmed entirely live and at the same time. What you see happening to Jadie and Sacha is happening AT THE SAME TIME. They are in different buildings, but it's all realtime action. This is what really happened, as it happened and there is no acting. Only the opening scenes were staged to give the film it's story, which were filmed after the event of the actual film.

Of course it could have gone wonderfully pear-shaped, but as it turned out, it was simply wonderfully hot for everyone involved. The result is THE CHOSEN. We hope you enjoy this journey with us.

From my end making the film had an odd mix of feelings that are a little hard to explain.  First, and most obviously this film was HOT.  The action (well, that which I saw) was right up my street but it is not ideal to be turned on whilst filming action, particularly unblocked action!  I am not sure I managed total professionalism at all times, but then I am a pervert.  What do you expect?  I was also a little envious at times.  I wanted to be one of the sufferers.  I was glad that the ladies seemed to be having so much fun, but I could not help wanting to dive in there.  The high the ladies experienced post filming however was immense and knowing how that feels made me happy to be part of this.  Finally, Paul and I as camera operators had no idea what was going to happen.  This is actually rather scary when you are holding a camera.  My usual level of confidence caused much inner panic.  What if I missed something essential?  What if I fucked this up?  I don't think the latter happened, but possibly the former.  I have not seen the film yet, as I am waiting for the whole thing to be released, but I hear Lucy, Paul and Stephen are really happy with it.  This is good.

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