Monday, 18 February 2013

If you cannot do the time...

Beth Bathory had made sure her time during the conflict was an easy one.  She had gleaned information from the resistance and passed it on in exchange for money and gifts, whilst at the same time keeping her boyfriend and his pals happy with information and more.  Her 'whorish' behaviour was well known in the city but with her relationship to such a powerful officer of the occupying forces so well known she was untouchable.  Untouchable that is until the conflict is lost and her friends are suddenly behind bars, leaving her to the mercy of local mob rule.  Miss Bathory must pay for what she did and her 'carer' has a hatred for her, one that results in a painful and humiliating time for Beth.

Beth is escorted from the court house to HH, who is in charge of her punishment for 7 days.  Seven days can be a long time to be in the total power of a man whose only thoughts are revenge for the havoc Beth's decisions caused.  Beth realised this as soon as she knocked on his front door and entered his house....

An effort to distract this man by turning up fully groomed failed on the outset and it was not long before Beth realised she was in a whole heap of trouble.  HH led Beth upstairs into a room which looked innocuous at first until she took a closer look at equipment lying around.  After a lecture which in itself put the fear of god into the girl, HH had her strip naked.  With her clothing and adornments stripped away, Beth felt vulnerable and attempted to cover herself up.  She might have tried to bargain with this man using her body but he repulsed her and she was unable to hide it.  He picked up a pot and smeared the contents across Beth's naked body and face, smearing her lipstick across it and then forced Beth to look at herself in the mirror.  She could not help but moan; she looked a mess.  All that she used to get what she wanted had been stripped away in ten swift minutes.

It was time for Beth to earn her keep for the week and HH decided menial tasks such as scrubbing floors by hand on her hands and knees would do Beth the power of good.  forced into this compromising position, Beth found herself at the feet of her tormentor with her bottom in the air displaying more than she cared to this man she was beginning to hate with deep intensity.  HH was holding a mean looking strap though and Beth did not dare to stop scrubbing, instead aiming to complete her task as quickly as possible.  It was never going to be good enough for this exacting man though and Beth found herself bent over for eight searing strokes of the cane on her bottom.  This man clearly knew where the most sensitive areas of the bottom are as he proceeded to aim all eight on the crease of Beth's bottom.  She yelped out in pain and was unable to hold her position, which only angered this man more.  Time for Beth to suffer a little humiliation, after all she had been rather full of herself for rather too long.

HH laid her out on the bed and performed a highly degrading full inspection of her, taking his time with each section.  This was both humiliating and painful to Beth as the various tool HH used bit into her and forced parts of her open.  She complained visibly, earning herself a firm strapping across her naked bare breasts.  Beth had only been with this man for half a day and already she was beginning to wish she had got out of the country when she had the chance.  The inspection was not enough for HH though as he continued to humiliate Beth by making good use of her, something which she no doubt deserved given how she has used her body in the past, but she had always given what she chose to whom she chose.  This was not a game she could play with HH.  He had other plans.  Done with Beth for now, she was shown to the cellar where she was to be locked up with only a blanket, a thin mattress and a bucket to keep her company.  

The following morning Beth was awoken and dragged from her quarters for day two of her punishment.  HH had a game to play with her, one in which the rules were designed for her to lose.  This game took time and forced Beth to adopt exposed positions in front of this man, who then took pleasure in taking the wooden paddle to her sore backside or even worse of there was a double.  This was not a game Beth liked to play, but HH seemed to really enjoy having her crawl about on her hands and knees at his feet and making her dance to the tune of his paddle.  Beth could not have hated this more as time seemed to stretch out before her.  Much to Beth's relief HH seemed to tire of this game, however this relief was not to last too long.  

HH dragged Beth onto the bed and had her prepare herself for the day's final insult.  He inserted a gag into her mouth, forcing it to remain open, leaving Beth feeling further degradation and vulnerability to this man who seemed capable of anything.  HH decided to make what she used to enjoy so much feel so awful that Beth would think twice before giving herself over so easily in future.  He did to Beth that which was so degrading, Beth, a woman who always maintained a stiff upper lip openly wept and was rendered unable to speak when he was done.  Wanting only to curl up, the cellar became a place of peace for Beth and no longer a grim holding cell.  This was only one week of many that Beth had been sentenced to serve.  It was going to be a long road to redemption for this woman, but given her past it is no more than she deserves.

A HUGE thank you to HH for a fabulous weekend, where this was one of two role-play scenes we played over my time with him.  It was an epic weekend and one I doubt I shall forget in a hurry.  


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the details of your scenes with HH.

Leia-Ann Woods said...

My pleasure Joeyred51. It was a wonderful weekend filled with fabulous scenes.

Henry Higgins said...

This was indeed a very special weekend. Your Miss Bathory was in a very vulnerable position and I loved taking full advantage of her. Playing scenes where I [my character] has a real reason to wish you [my victim] ill brings out my dark side, and I like that a lot :-)

[Anyone who doesn't get the "Bathory" reference should look up the Blood Countess, on Wikipedia or elsewhere. Well chosen .]

Thanks again for a great weekend, which worked brilliantly for both of us :-).


Leia-Ann Woods said...

HH - Yes indeed she was, hence she did not end up pulling any of her seduction tactics previously employed :-)

I loved using that name, though Beth was not nearly as dangerous as her namesake. You, however, were pure evil, which I loved to hate!

I am so happy you enjoyed it as much as I did, it was a highly memorable time.

Madmusician said...

Amazingly hot! Are there no limits to what you wish to suffer??

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Madmusician - I think there are, but I have not yet found them!

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