Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Film updates!

Hello folks.  I have two film updates for you today, the first of which is particularly exciting and features Miss Lucy McLean and no less than 5 school girls.  With recorders.  Naturally this is by Northern spanking.  Who else?!  Here is the story:

It is near to the end of term for Miss McLeans music class and the girls are still struggling to learn the song they started at the beginning of term. Prefect Zoe maintains an air of perfect, but will Miss McLean see through her? Will the other girls be cleared of bullying? Will the girls ever learn the song? And most importantly, will our ears survive the experience?

Do check this out, it is a really fabulous film with a great twist.  It is showing now on Northern Spanking.  Enjoy!

I am also appearing on Firm Hand at the moment in a film series titled Military Training.  The first scene is up now and features Thomas Cameron putting me through my paces.  

Here is what Firm Hand say:

Almost four years after she made her debut here, Leia-Ann Woods is back with a bottom-clenching new series, Military Training. Corporal punishment is part of the regime but she’s startled at a 210-smack intense spanking on her bare bottom.

Enjoy folks!


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