Sunday, 24 March 2013

Latest antics!

Hello folks, I do apologise for my lack of posts, but I have been more than a little busy (thank god it is Easter soon).  Bottoms Up on Friday was fantastic and all the gents seemed to enjoy themselves.  We were all looking rather sexy in our denim and gingham tops and I took a cold caning at the beginning and went for more at the end...sometimes I am just insatiable!  We had a new girl Katy Walker who was a huge hit.  She is extremely sexy and switches as well.  Lovely!  The lady does sessions so I would highly recommend her.  Despite it being a tough one to organise it was a most enjoyable party and one of my favourites.  The next party is on the 10th of May.  I shall provide further details closer to the time, but do keep checking the Bottoms UP website here 

Easter comes soon soon but after the holiday I shall of course be back and up to all sorts.  If you spot any angelic behaviour you will know I have been replaced by a body double.  I am the evil twin!

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