Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So, which of you folks can tell what on Earth I am talking about by the title alone?  If you can yay you!  if not, don't worry as I am about to explain.  I am talking about the film Preaching to the Perverted by Stuart Urban.  Now I remember watching this film when I first came on the scene.  I loved it.  It seemed to have something of 'The Wicker man' in it except for kinksters.   That and it had a great deal of humour in it.  The basic plot goes as follows (though this borrowed description probably does not do it justice so I urge you to get a copy and watch it for yourself!):  Henry Harding MP, a British government minister on a moral crusade, hires an inexperienced young computer whizzkid, Peter Emery who works for a Christian computer company called Holy Hardware, to infiltrate the United Kingdom BDSM scene. Harding is set on putting a club called "House of Thwax" run by Mistress Tanya Cheex out of business, and is sure that Peter's secretly videotaped evidence of the club's activities will do the trick. However, the virginal Peter takes a liking to Tanya Cheex and finds himself falling for the Mistress...

So why am I talking about this film now?  Well, the good folks that made this great British cult film are looking to get it re-mastered and they need your help.  Here is a clip which may tell you more about the project and why Cyclops vision are so keen to do this:

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