Monday, 3 June 2013

The ladies of Bottoms up 27th June

Our next party will be on the 27th June! NOTE THIS IS THURSDAY. This is exceptional because of venue availability. We will be hosting it at a lovely venue in Central London, near Vauxhall railway/underground station. The party runs from 12.30-6.00pm. We do hope you will join us! Contact us at

The ladies have been asked to arrange a vintage tea party for the board of governors at Fossil Hall school for young ladies. Naturally all has not gone well as the ladies (rather unwisely) voted Miss Woods to be the head organiser. Of course this has led to much chaos and even the booking of a stripper, which Miss Woods thought highly hilarious until all the ladies were called before the board to explain their action. As head of the group Miss Woods is in even more hot water than the others and has earned herself six of the best with the cane from each gentlemen before the other disciplinary procedures begin. Would you like to be one of our governors?

For those gentlemen who switch there is an opportunity to do this during the latter half of the party. If you would like to join us please do let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing us at

The ladies are:

Miss Aleesha fox

Miss Katharina Kreiger

Miss Ruby (pictured with Jadie Reece)

Miss Kirstyn Gold

Miss A - I cannot picture this shy lady but I can assure you she is both lovely and beautiful.

Come join the fun!


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