Monday, 15 July 2013

Domesticity and kink

Hello folks, I do apologise for being absent for so long.  Work (my other life truly has taken off).  Anyway, enough of all that.

I have been thinking much about domesticity and just how inventive you can be with cooking, cleaning and such thing when you combine them with kink.  Not only can a sub be punished for failing to complete their task properly but other methods can be employed too to make the whole process just that little bit more difficult and *very* humiliating. 

For instance, when I mop the floor in my home the whole process only takes about 30minutes but what if I had to get on my knees and scrub it with an old fashioned brush, or worse a mere toothbrush?  What if the scrubbing brush were to be fashioned into a gag so I was forced to scrub the floor on my hands and knees?  If I was to be granted wearing anything at all it could certainly expose me as I was forced to adopt some highly compromising positions.

Brooms and dusters could also be modified, but I shall tease you on that one and leave that to your imagination *grins*.

Cleaning, ironing and cooking tasks could all be done in restrictive bondage (careful now, no burns please), thus making the task more difficult and forcing the sub to think about their every movement.

Finally, there is a scene in the film McVicar, where our hero has escaped from prison and finally makes it to his friend's house.  The lady of the house cooks McVicar breakfast in nothing but an apron, a scene I found particularly hot.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading these thoughts and I promise not to leave this so long in future.


EnglishJeff said...

I never really liked the movie 'McVicar,' but the "apron" scene, I do agree about that being . . . wow!

Unknown said...

I love the ideas. It reminds of the me of the scene in the movie secretary with her carrying the coffee while in a spreader bar.

I have been on both ends of a few bets that have found my wife or I required to do chores naked. All very fun.

MarQe said...

I certainly can see some very interesting possibilies .... naked chores as a pre-cursor to more traditional measures later ;}

mk said...

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