Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spanking, Shooting and Slaying!

Hello folks,

I do apologise for the infrequency of my posts here nowadays but my other (vanilla) life now takes up more of my time than ever before.  But, here is a post for you.  At last.  So what am I up to in the next few weeks?  Apart from all the spankings I receive in my private life Leia-Ann Woods is out and about getting up to all sorts of deviancy!

This Thursday myself and my lovely ladies are heading to the Bottoms Up venue for another fun afternoon, where this time we are being riotous school girls.  Needless to say Miss Woods (the leader of all things naughty at Bottoms Up) and her band of merry ladies will leave at the end of the day with very sore bottoms!

On the 6th of April I am pleased to be shooting with the gorgeous and beautiful Ariel Anderson and John Tisbury.  This will probably be less spanking and more bondage, but I have always been a lover of it so I will love it!  Here is an example of my last shoot with Mr Tisbury himself (which did in fact involve me spanking myself....oooh cheeky!):

FINALLY, and most importantly I shall be joining Miss Hunter at the next Slayers party, which is on the 9th April.  Most excitingly Miss Hunter has managed to get another legend of the scene Miss Donna Davenport to deal with any naughty gentlemen.  This really is a great day for anyone out there who likes to receive good old fashioned CP from beautiful and skilled women.  To find out more visit http://theslayers.co.uk or to book your place e-mail info@hellomisshunter.com.  Don't delay, however as places for these parties are strictly limited and do disappear rather quickly.  

Later in April I shall be going to Boardwalk Badness Weekend with many spanko friends and sincerely look forward to catching up with all my American friends very soon.  What exciting times folks!

That is all for now, but hopefully I shall be posting again soon.



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