Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Domestic discipline time!

After many months of being unsure of where to take this blog since my private life has changed I have finally come up with a solution.  Why not share with you the aspects of my home life, namely domestic discipline with my partner, Mr H.  Now I cannot start from the beginning, that would make this post too long and would require a memory greater than one I currently possess, so I shall begin with my most recent event and then continue from there with regular updates that you will hopefully enjoy.

In the last few days I thought it would be funny to 'twitter rape' Mr H.  This involves two simple requirements; to know your partner's password (which I do) and to have something to say which is completely embarrassing for Mr H (which I managed).  I won't give you the whole post, but the term 'butt plug' was involved.  Now it turns out my post (under Mr H's name) had legs and many friends got involved, much to my amusement and his chagrin (he found it funny really!) so needless to say I was dragged upstairs for a much needed punishment.  I received six stinging strokes of a wooden paddle over my jeans, which I can assure you seems to hurt even more than on the bare bottom and a long hard spanking.  My bottom was sore and red afterwards and I was no longer laughing, well not out loud anyway!  I shall be refraining from such 'humorous' acts in future....maybe.

I shall keep you updated with future punishments and scenes that make up a good deal of my private life nowadays.  I hope you enjoy them!


Tepees said...

6, only 6 AND over jeans... Mr. H was a wee bit lenient I think... ;)

whacky said...

Hope Mr H enjoyed rubbing it better afterwards 😋


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