Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Corner time and other news

There are very few things more humiliating than being put in the corner, particularly with my well punished bottom on display for you.  I don't have my panties for cover as they have been pulled down by you and I cannot help but be aware of their position at my thighs.  Time stretches out in the corner with nothing but the wall to entertain me...have you put my nose to the wall with a penny to hold in place?  I know that if I let it drop my bottom will suffer further punishment so I must hold position; I am already so very sore!  I have my hands on my head just like at school, which humiliates me further and encourages me to think on my misdeeds....of which there have been many.  How long am I to stand in the corner?  Well, as long as you see fit.  The punishment must fit the crime.

Are you ready to pull my panties down sir and have me suffer for my naughtiness?

Hello folks!  I hope you enjoyed the above!  I do have other (very surprising) news.  The famous SpankingBlogg has been running 2015 spanking awards, where I found myself nominated for the spankee Lifetime Achievement award.  To my utter surprise I was the runner up to worthy winner Amber Pixie Wells with the gorgeous Erica Scott coming in third.  Thank you to those of you who voted for me and thank you to Chief for running these.  To read more on what I am blathering on about then click HERE.  Enjoy folks!

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