Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello has been a while since I posted on just ran away with me in 2015.  So here I am waiting for my first punishment of 2016, my bottom is lily white and waiting to be reddened by your hand and striped with a good caning.  

Just look at the pose above!  Maybe I need to think about my debauched behaviour with some corner time, panties stretched at my thighs to remind me of my exposed bottom, bright red and sore, whilst you sit and admire your handiwork?  

Maybe I should be made to sit on my punishment stool, complete with bottle tops to bite into my sore bare bottom and write lines for you.  I can be sure you will be checking my handwriting for neatness and spelling.  I can be sure you will punish me further if I am not up to standard and every time I wriggle with discomfort the bottle tops simply dig further into my burning skin.

Either way I am ready to be punished sir...never have I needed it more....


PsyPaul said...

No comments yet... Such a shame!
I'm from the older school, strict but fair... Nothing extreme, just 12 of the best delivered in strictly miss brown style... Am also psych grad from 80s pursuing clinical aspirations... What's yr postgrad aspirations?

Leia-Ann Woods said...

Ah, not so many comment nowadays, but maybe I will build that up :-) I have another life outside the scene lovely, that is for sure.

PsyPaul said...

That's good to kno.. My stricter days over after serious back injury, but can still giv intense s otk spanking.. Right now I am studying mu opioid receptors n pain response - is this anything u studied at all?
Sorry shld hav said am married to one of australias best subs:)

PsyPaul said...

No reply... Am disappointed!
Perhaps I should hav said that we are separated n hav been for years...
What I really want to chat about is yr clinical psych knowledge..
If u have any that is???

PsyPaul said...

This will be my last msg unless u reply... N'est-ce pas?
Who am I?
My name is Paul, that is for sure! N'appelez pas mike that cunt... Scuse my French!
I am not religious, preferring such people as Dawkins or Hitchens, the latter sadly deceased from cancer.
I knew Ivor but from my days in publishing, not fro his other activities.
I do live in Oz but my name is Paul not David, amanda's hubby!
My back injuries were from weightlifting, not falling from a heghyt like mike the cunt...
Je m'appelle Paul


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