Saturday, 5 January 2019

Happy New Year!!

Well, it is 2019.  I can hardly believe it!  I have to say I have already been up to nefarious deeds....more details I hear you say?  well here they come:

I am certainly delving more deeply into two kinks I have never explored too much up until now.  One of them is bondage and I must say I am really enjoying the sensation of helplessness.  You could really do anything you like to me sir in some of these bondage poses and others, well they leave me so very exposed, don't you think? I have a long journey down the rabbit hole with this particular kink and if you want to share this journey with me just click on the picture below:

I am also getting quite into some forms of humiliation, and thus far my kinky little mind has come up with an oral training school.  I have already been subjected to my first class in my uniform and I shall be sharing the results of that with my folks on OnlyFans soon.  If you want to see my mouth trained and stretched to take something very large in my mouth then click on the picture below...

I am evolving a lot at the moment....the love of CP will always be there, it was my first love and you never lose that, but I am finding this exploration exciting and the sharing of some of the more intimate details is even a little delightfully humiliating!  I hope you enjoy seeing what I get up to as much as I enjoy sharing!

Leia xxx

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