Monday, 21 January 2019

News and bits

Hello folks.  How are we all doing with the January gloom?  Who has broken their new year's resolutions, had a drink and got the razor out in despair then?!  If you are like me then you are making sure you get plenty done at home whilst it is this blooming cold!  

In my last post I told you about my first fantasy story that will run intermittently on my OnlyFans, which is the Onurnees school of Sexual Submission.  This as you know is a big step for me as I have previously kept my kink for such humiliation well under wraps, in fact I have had a tonne of mail on the subject as many of you had no idea I had such thoughts!  Oh have no idea ;-)  

Yesterday I began a second long-running fantasy of mine, which is the ill-used Victorian maid, who is desperate to please but never seems to succeed, resulting in much punishment and humiliation for the poor girl.  I love a role-play so this is something I shall really enjoy sharing with you folks.  To see what I am rambling on about click on the picture below:

As many of you know, I only started exploring other aspects of myself in early November last year, but I have already:

  • Uploaded 274 original photos
  • Uploaded 26 video clips
  • Run two punishment polls where you get to choose my doom
  • uploaded daily without fail.
Why?  Because I am having just too much fun with this....and my journey is definitely heading deeper down that rabbit hole.  I cannot wait!

Leia xxx


Terry said...

I can attest to Leia's onlyfans site being excellent - highly recommend a visit there :)


Leia-Ann Woods said...

Glad you have enjoyed it Terry xxx


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