Monday, 25 February 2019

Saturday shenanigans and other snippets

Hello folks!

Well I have been up to muchos weekend fun on top of my regular life of domestic discipline.  I have managed to get hold of a lightweight tripod for my phone, which means I am able to share more of my life with you in more inventive ways!  Hurrah!!  I have managed to capture some truly intimate moments using POV angles so that you feel part of the action, which is just as it should be I say. Here is a teeny weeny sneak preview for you, where you just click on my bottom to find out more!  I shall be uploading these clips over the next month or so, with more to come as my frisky mind runs riot (and if you know me, you will know the level of kink I enjoy!!)

Not only that, I currently have a poll running on my OnlyFans where you have the opportunity to vote for your punishment of choice, which I must suffer and post in the next few days.  18 votes have already been cast but there is another day to go so take your chance to decide on my fate now.  The options are:

Over the knee Spanking
Wheelbarrow spanking (you can see a clip of that above, ooh la la!!)
The ruler
A cold caning (the current frontrunner!!)

So take a look at what I am getting up to and open the door to my private(s) and intimate world by taking a look at:

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I am enjoying sharing this folks!

Leia xxx

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