Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Hello folks!


I hope you folks are having a spanking good time!  I certainly am!  I am enjoying my new lifestyle of domestic discipline more than I thought possible and much of it can be seen on my onlyfans.com/l_a_woods site.  So far I have uploaded:

  • 492 pictures (I know!!)
  • 41 videos
All in just 149 posts!  I have shared much of my domestic life with you, including some of my more intimate details and more is to come with a machine to see to both of my orifices still to come....I have that to look forward to but am currently being trained for it.  Eeeek!

As well as domestic discipline I have create the Onurnees School of sexual obedience, where I must learn to do as I am bid, no mater how humiliating.  So far I have been made to insert butt plugs, had my mouth stretched and had two different sized dildo cocks testing out my ability to receive in my mouth.  My school reports still leave much to be desired, however so I must try harder or end up in detention with a cane to my bottom to encourage my mouth and tongue to work harder....

Bondage is something relatively new to me but I am certainly enjoying the feeling of being under control, so watch this space for developments:

Also, for all you fans of seeing my bottom spanked, strapped and caned there is plenty of that action on my onlyfans.com/l_a_woods site!  here are some teasers for you:

I will be exploring more and more with the passage of time, and promise to keep you updated on here as to what is going on at my onlyfans.com/l_a_woods site!

Leia xxx

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