Monday, 8 April 2019

Parties and panties!

So, things have been getting a little dark in my personal life, and of course I am slowly sharing that with all my lovely fans.  For those of you not yet following me here is a teaser of what there is to see at my  Never before have I been so open about my private life so come and see what happens to me at home by clicking on the teaser below!

Not only do I share my private life on my, but I also share the fantasies which truly make me tick, with the uniforms to match.  Here is a little teaser for you folks! If you wish to follow me and find out what goes on in my kinky little mind then click on the image below:

Finally, if you share an adult schoolie fetish like I do then you will want to follow my regular updates of the Onurnees School, where I have been enrolled to take lessons in a revealing school uniform in how to serve with my mouth, tongue, pussy and bottom.  The lessons have started with mouth training and use of the tongue but I fear I will soon progress to being put on the dreaded machine to stretch and work my pussy and bottom very hard indeed.  It will be a while before I graduate from Onurnees School of Sexual Submission.  Take a look by clicking on my uniform below:

In other news, there are just two places for my April 25th Bottoms Up party so if you would like to come then get in touch as quickly as possible at  Us ladies will be clad in their tightest denim ready to receive an afternoon of thorough discipline from you all!  I cannot wait for this, it is going to be so much fun!!  

That's all folks,

Leia xxxxx

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