Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Abject humiliation!

At Onurnees school humiliation is doled out in regular doses to remind us ladies of our place.  On our knees obeying Sir's every command.  When I broke the rules I knew a humiliating punishment was going to be set in store for me but I have not yet had to suffer the hideous "Humiliation Chair".  This is placed in the corridor, where everyone may observe my suffering and I am ordered to stand next to it.

Once in place I am ordered to lower my white cotton panties to my thighs and told to lower myself onto what is attached to the chair.  With little lubrication this is both uncomfortable and humiliating as I wriggle and struggle onto the "Humiliation Chair".  Once in place I am to sit there, with everything on display for one hour, wriggling uncomfortably on the chair until I am allowed to get down.  I dare not protest as I do not wish to earn myself further time on the Chair....or something worse.....

See this and many more clips of both my kinky fantasies and my kinky domestic life at onlyfans.com/l_a_woods

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