Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Naughtiness must be dealt with!

Hello folks, I do hope you are still going ok.  It does feel that there is light at the end of this (very long) tunnel, so I am keeping everything crossed that we are through the worst of all of this.

I have some news for you!


I have begun a new storyline on my onlyfans.com/l_a_woods and admireme.vip/LeiaAnnWoods.  I just cannot help playing with myself, as I have the FILTHIEST thoughts of any lady at Onurnees school.  It has been decided by you tutors that I must suffer a series of punishments to purify my thoughts and make me think again before touching myself without your express permission.  A lady must have a sense of control!

First of all you catch me in the act:

So it is decided I must attend classes with a punishment chastity belt locked onto me that fills me right up.  You tutors are the keepers of the keys.  You can imagine my embarrassment at everyone seeing me wearing this chastity belt and not even being able to go to the toilet without your permission....not to mention the humiliation of my having to be locked back in once I am finished.  

Then it is time for me to punish my pussy in sheer panties with a plastic ruler until I am bright red down below and extremely sore.  Doing this, my legs spread wide, in front of all of you is SOOOO embarrassing, my cheeks are almost as red as my pussy!

With two more punishments due to me now is the time to join my OnlyFans.com/l_a_woods and be one of the tutors supervising my fate.  PLUS, new subscribers receive their first 30 days for 50% off, so what are you waiting for?


I have 26 ravishingly hot clips for those of you who prefer to indulge in individual downloads, which you may enjoy here:

New ones include the title I have just described going up on my OnlyFans, which is called:

I Just Can't Help Myself!  I am completely unable to control my carnal urges and here I am caught playing with myself yet again!  I am a repeat offender at this so it has been decided I should suffer three rather humiliating punishments to made me think at least twice before doing it again.

First, I am ordered to put on a chastity belt, with plugs for both my bottom and my pussy.  With no allowance for a skirt, the other students at Onurnees school will share in my humiliation and find out exactly what happens to ladies who touch what they shouldn't without permission.

Next, I must place nettles into my see-through panties and open and close my legs repeatedly to maximise the pain on my pussy lips.

Finally, since I enjoy playing with myself so much I must masturbate with the nettles in place, stinging me mercilessly with every movement of my finger!

You are treated to a close-up of my thorough chastened pussy at the end of this very hot clip!

Take a look here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/153887/23301835/i-just-cant-help-myself

Plus, if you are wondering why I have been subjected to such extreme punishment, you may take a look at TWO incidences where I play with myself without your express permission in these two clips I have just uploaded today:

Playing with myself:  Sometimes my thoughts make me very hot.  Very wet indeed.  I cannot help myself really, I just have to play with myself.  Here, I am playing with myself in the bath in my wet panties!

Take a look here:  https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/153887/23315713/playing-with-myself

Playing with myself more: I am incorrigible aren't I?  I cannot keep my hands away from myself as my thoughts are VERY dirty!  watch me bring myself to climax in this very hot clip!

Take a look here:  https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/153887/23315743/playing-with-myself-again

That is all folks!  I do hope you enjoy watching all this juicy content as much as I did making it!

Much love to you all,

L xxx

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