Friday, 23 April 2021

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 Hello folks, I do hope all reading this are doing ok.  I have been getting out a bit more, seeing family, diving in a local lake (viz was crap, but it was great to get wet!) and even a visit to a pub garden or two.  Life is starting to feel a bit more....normal.

I have of course been busy creating content in between my new found freedoms, and I shall be telling you all about it today!  My content continues to grow a pace on my OnlyFans, where I update TWICE a day EVERY day.  I have clips on there that are EXCLUSIVE to my fans, so if you want to be in my inner circle and find out all of my kinks and desires then you will find my page here:

Of course you may also find my full-length kinky clips over at my Clips4Sale store, where I have no less than 117 clips for you to peruse!  Find all my hottest content here:

Here are some of my latest updates:

Ice, Ice Baby - filmed in HD

I love playing around and I realised I have not experimented with ice for so many years!  Today I change all that, rubbing ice all over my most sensitive parts!  My nipples become uncontrollably hard as a result of the ice treatment, and my pussy is very sensitive to the ice too!  With plenty of close ups, my discomfort is YOUR pleasure.

Human Candelabra - filmed in HD

Experimenting is my middle name, and in this clip I try something completely new to me.  Objectification. I want to turn myself into your human candelabra, but which is the best position, the best candle to use?  As I progress in the scene, I experiment with a white candle, then a red one, before settling on what I think would be the best position to light your way.  Would you have me as your human candelabra at your next dinner party?

Butt Plugs and Spanking:

I am sure you all know how I love to experiment and this clip is no different as I give myself a thorough spanking AND a good dose of the paddle with a jewelled butt plug inserted inside me.  Does each stroke make my muscles clench tightly around the plug?  Do I enjoy the spanking even more with my plug in?  Find out in this hot play clip today!

Slippering myself in my favourite corset - filmed in HD

I love to dress up, and I just adore corsets and fully fashioned stockings.  If you like them as much as I do, you are in for a treat in this clip as I am wearing both for my slippering on my bottom!  Panties lovers will enjoy my skippering myself over my knickers, before I pull them down to continue my punishment on my bare bottom!

Submerged snorkelling masturbation - filmed in HD

I love diving and I love masturbating so in this clip I combine the two!  In my snorkel and dive mask, I get in a full bath and submerge my face in the water.  With my breath controlled, I must concentrate as I masturbate, first with my fingers and then with my favourite vibe.  This clip is filmed from above, and in HD giving you a full view of my breath-controlled orgasms, which you will hear clearly through my snorkel as I cry out!

That's all folks! Hope you all enjoy my kinky little world!  

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