Saturday, 3 April 2021

Bank Holiday Browsing

Hello folks, I hope you are all keeping healthy and happy.  My passions for creating kinky content has not abated, so I bring you much news of what I have been up to of late when at play!  

My EXCLUSIVE content continues for my OnlyFans, the ONLY place you will find:

1. My DP diary. I am currently training myself to take my infamous F-machine as a double penetration!  If you want to follow my progress in this HUGE challenge, then you must be one of my fans to see my regular full-length clips, featuring my training progress.

2. Kinky Challenge series.  I have done at least three of these now, and they are rather popular!  Again, these full-length clips are only available to my fans, and so far have featured edging, pegs, orgasm control and muscle strength challenges.  Join me today to see what I get up to AND have a chance to make your own suggestions for my Kinky Challenges.

3. Ask me a question, and I will answer it for you fully on film.  Your own personal update!  Again, this is just for my fans, so sign up today to be part of my inner circle.  My fans have the best of fun and can find me here:

If you prefer to see me via individual download, then I have full-length films available over at my Clips4Sale store.  I have over 100 clips available and you will find ALL of them here:

Here are my latest updates:

Nettles clamped to my nipples:

Filmed in HD.  I love playing with nettles and the Spring definitely brings them to me at their most potent.  In this hot clip, I undo my school blouse, exposing my breasts and nipples ready to be attended to.  From here it gets tasty as I clip a fresh nettle leaf to each of my nipples with a wooden clothespin.  Watch my genuine struggles to cope with the overwhelming pain as the nettles sting me without mercy!  Nettle lovers will love this clip!

Find this hot clip here:

Self spanking in my corsets and seamed stockings:

Filmed in HD.  I love traditional corset and you will adore the one I am wearing for this clip!  Bending over to expose my pert and shapely bottom, I proceed to spank my bottom rosy red.  First I spank myself over my lacy panties, before pulling them down to reveal my bare bottom for more of the spanking treatment I crave so much!

Silent Movie!

I love all things film, and when I came across a silent movie the other day I was inspired to create my own!  Dressed in splitters, a white corset and camisole top, I am reading a raunchy article that gets me so hot I begin to play with myself getting a little wet!  
This film recreates the silent movie genre, with special effects and music to bring this clip to life for your delectation.  I do hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it!

Clamps and Weights:

Filmed in HD.  I don't use clamps and weights a lot, but in this clip I begin to experiment with them just a little bit more.  First attaching chain-linked clamps to my nipples, I tackle the sensitivity in my nipples.  Then, feeling a little bit brave, I try some clamps with weights on them.  I try these first on my nipples and then on my pussy lips, which stretches them most beautifully as I swing the weights for your pleasure.

I do hope you enjoy watching my content at least half as much as I enjoyed making it!

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