Saturday, 5 June 2021

June Jaunts and other news!

 Hello folks,

Well, it has been all fun and games chez LAW and i have been enjoying the newly returned freedoms we have here in the UK, with both diving and socialising when not eating up to all things kinky.  Let's face it; it is the kink you really want to know about.  I have has a HUGE surge in fans of lat on my OnlyFans page and with nearly 100 people enjoying my daily updates you really need to come and join me in my inner world.  Find me here:

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  • Daily video update (3-5 minutes of Leia hotness, filmed by yours truly!)
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  • Open DMs, to discuss all my kink and content
  • Take the Director's chair and order your custom clip with me today and direct my punishment or pleasure YOUR way
  • New subscribers receive their first 30 days 50% off
  • over 4K pictures AND 635 Videos and NOTHING is archived
  • NO PPV.  ALL my content is included in your subscription price.  Boom.
  • EXCLUSIVE content that is ONLY posted on my OnlyFans page, including my recent Double Penetration Diary, which includes several videos of my training myself to take a dildo in each orifice.  My update on 31st May is a video of me doing JUST THAT!!  I have set myself the goal of going on the F-machine in DP mode soon....keep your eyes peeled for those updates!

If you prefer to see me via individual download, then you will find ALL my hottest content over at my Clips4Sale page.  And with 138 clips to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice.  find me here:

Here are some of my latest updates:

Barefoot FootJob - HD

As your Personal Secretary I am here to make sure your EVERY need is taken care of.  Today, you decide you want a barefoot, foot job.  you like to keep me on my toes and have me wear crotchless panties for you in this POV clip.  Hitching my skirt up, I put my feet to work, and work hard....otherwise I may lose my job!

Find this hotness here: Foot Job-hd

Plimsoll for my bottom in tight gym kit - HD

I love my school gym kit of tight navy panties, plimsolls and knee socks but when I fail to do my required exercises I must punish myself with my very own plimsoll!  The shame...
First bent over across my panties, then on my back with my legs in the air, which includes me applying both plimsolls to my bottom cheeks AT THE SAME TIME!.  Finally, a punishment must be on the bare, right?  Well, today is not different as I lower my gym knickers and apply the plimsoll on my VERY red bottom!

Find it here:

Border Control Fantasy - HD

I love a scene involving humiliation, and this one has it in spades. The scene begins with me sitting nervously in a room awaiting instructions, having been pulled aside by the Border Control. I am made to strip naked, one item at a time for each one to be examined, however my humiliation does not end there.  Once stripped naked I am told to bend over and part my cheeks so my anus may be inspected before being made to sit and part my pussy lips for an intimate inspection.  By the end of this scene I am left VERY humiliated indeed....

Find this hot clip here:

Nun Leia in masturbation sin - HD

This is the first clip in a three part series, where I play a fallen nun who cannot help but succumb to the sins of pleasure.  In this scene, my fingers slip down to my panties and it does not take long for me to start pleasuring myself furiously. I cannot stop there, however as I find myself pulling my black panties aside to feel my fingers rub my pussy flesh to a most sinful orgasm!  If you have a Nun fetish, this clip is for you!

Find this clip here:

School corner time - HD

Dressed in my summer term school uniform and white knee high socks, I find myself in trouble with you, the headmaster.  Sometimes the wait for the punishment is worse than the punishment itself, and today is no exception. With the cane placed right in my eye-line I must face the wall and think about my actions, and, when you are ready you will call me forward to bend over for the caning I know I deserve.

Find this traditional clip here:

Fallen nun inserts a candle - HD

When Nun Leia finds a candle, she decides to use it to quench her desires and sneaks off to play with it.  She inserts it first in her pussy, and then in her anus, to drive her to a most spectacular orgasm! Just what will Leia say during her next confession?  Should she be punished?

Find this here:

Dildo orgasms - HD

I have insatiable desires, but you all know that!  In this clip I sate my needs with two dildos, one large and one super in size. I bounce up and down on them, moaning in delight until you see not one, but TWO massive orgasms.  As they say, double the dildos, double the pleasure!

Find this hottest of clips here:

Barely Black Tights Noir Film

Watch me dance oh-so-sensually in high heels, and barely black pantyhose.  First I have black panties underneath my tights, but I dare to bare and take them off for the second half of this VERY sexy dance. The clip has a Film Noir feel, to emphasise the pantyhose and my very muscular and shapely legs within!  Like sensual clips?  This one is definitely for you....

That's all folks!  Enjoy watching my content as much as I enjoyed making it!

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