Thursday, 15 July 2021

July updates!

 Hello folks, hope all reading this are happy and well.  It is total chaos here and has been for a few weeks now as the top half of the house is a building site.  The lack of bathroom over the last days has been.....challenging!  However, we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it will look beautiful when it is all finished!  

There has been much going on over at my OnlyFans!  I recently went away to the stunning Yorkshire countryside, where I was able to produce some excellent traditional spanking scenes for my OnlyFans page, she of which are already uploaded.  It was a new challenge for me as some of the clips encompass the use of two camera angles, allowing you the viewer to enjoy shots of my face AND and bottom when in the scene.  Several clips are already live with MANY more to come, so if you like traditional spankings then now is an excellent time to join me

My new content is also going live on my Clips4Sale, so if you prefer to buy my clips than subscribe then you will find all my hottest content right here:

Here are my latest updates for you:

The strap before bed:

This is the final part of my traditional pyjamas spanking scene.  My Housemaster visits me for a third night to leave my bottom bright red and sore before bed and tonight he is brandishing his dreaded leather strap.  Kneeling up at my dressing table I take stroke after stroke, first over my pyjamas bottoms and then on my bare bottom.  If you like traditional spanking scenes and you love PJs, then you will just love this clip!

find it here:

The hairbrush from the housemaster:

This is the second part of my traditional pyjamas spanking series.  Unable to follow the rules, my House Master decides it is time to take sterner measures to my bottom, this time in the form of the wooden hairbrush, an implement I continue to dread.  Again, my punishment begins first over my pyjama bottoms and the on the bare, as my bottom turns bright red.  This film also catches both my facial reactions and my bottom as you fully experience my pain and shame in this traditional spanking scene!

find it here:

Spanked by my school master in pyjamas:

I love a traditional spanking scene as a submissive and this scene certainly ticked my boxes when I played it out!  My school master pays me a visit to punish me for my poor behaviour in House, spanking me before bed most thoroughly. My spanking is first over my pyjama bottoms, and then, to my horror my bottom is exposed for a spanking on my bare bottom!  My shame cannot be hidden as I have filmed this scene using two angles for the first time, so you are treated not only to the sight of my bottom turning rosy red, but my facial reactions to the spanking and its humiliation.

find it here:

Spanking myself in swimwear:

I love a tight nylon swimming costume, and I LOVE a good spanking, so in this clip I combine the two!  Watch me spank myself with my legs high in the air with my hard-soled flip-flops, first on individual cheeks and the on both cheeks AT THE SAME TIME!  If you like swimsuits and spanking, you will love this clip as much as I enjoyed making it!

find it here:

Peg Crown:

I am rarely able to play with my boobies much, so when a window opens up I JUMP at the chance! In this clip I play with pegs on my breasts, creating a 'crown' of pegs around each nipple.  Watch my struggle with my super-sensitive boobies as I place each peg on.  Admire how pretty my boobies look once my peg crowns are complete, AND see my struggle as I remove each peg.....ouch!!

find it here:

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