Saturday, 11 September 2021

September updates

 Hello folks, I hope this post finds you happy and healthy.  I realise it has been quite a while since I posted on here.  What with the opening up here in UK, my diving qualification needing much of my time and familial matters to deal with, I have been lacking in that most precious of commodities; TIME!!  A nice problem to have after the last few months!

Screenshot from a clip on my OnlyFans

There has been much going on at my OnlyFans page, where I continue to share ALL my thoughts and ALL my kinks from spanking and beyond. However, did you know that a reasonable proportion of my clips on my OnlyFans are EXCLUSIVE? yes, there is some of my you may ONLY see here, so if you want to get to know me intimately, then head over and sign up today!  New subscribers receive 50% off too for their first 30 days.  I archive nothing so you may enjoy my entire collection when you sign up!  

Screenshot from a clip on my OnlyFans

Find my page here:

For those of you who prefer to collect my content via individual download, you will be pleased to know I have not been resting on my laurels there either!  I have uploaded a TON of clips here, so if you have not been to my page for a while, then do check it out today. I have so many kinks on there, from the traditional spanking scenes right up to games on my infamous F-Machine.

 Here are a couple of highlights for you, mainly because I am proud of the work to produce, film and edit them...I feel my passion for kink really comes out in these:

Secretary, Spanked:

In this most traditional of spanking scenes, I am your secretary, who must be punished for failing to match your high standards. Today I am put across your knee for a spanking, which I am relieved to find is across my knickers.  However, this relief is short-lived as you soon pull these down to spank me thoroughly on my bare bottom.  What a horrible boss you are!  With two camera angles featuring in this film, you may enjoy my facial expressions as well as the delicious reddening of my bottom!

Find it here:

Secretary, Paddled

This is the second scene in my Secretary, punished series, where today I must face your fearsome paddle.  You are an exacting boss, and any failing finds me in your office with my bottom ready to suffer.  Bent over with my bottom high in the air, you deliver stroke after stroke across my eve increasing sore bottom, before roughly pulling my knickers down to expose my bare bottom for further treatment with your dreaded paddle.  I finish off with a really red bottom!

Find it here:

Secretary, Strapped: 

In this final part you my 'Secretary, Punished' series, you bend me over for your long leather strap. with my bottom exposed and high in the air I must stay stock still whilst you deliver each stroke to my bottom.  I am at least offered the modesty of my knickers for the first part of my punishment, but I have come to know that my knickers ALWAYS come down, and today is no different for me and my suffering today.  I know I will struggle to sit comfortably when I return to my desk as my bottom is SO RED by the end of my punishment.

Find it here:

Schoolgirl Spanking: 

This is such an exciting clip for me as it is the first time I have used two angles to capture the action.  In a traditional summer schoolgirl outfit, I am taken across the knee of you, the Headmaster for a thorough spanking to make my bottom bright red. My spanking is first over my white cotton school knickers, before I suffer the humiliation of having them pulled down for a spanking on my bare and exposed cheeks.  This clip is not to be missed!

Find it here:

The Tawse from the Headmaster:

In this second punishment of my schoolgirl series in my traditional school summer uniform I must suffer the dreaded school tawse on my bottom.  Bent over by you, the Headmaster I must take several strokes over my white cotton panties.  However, this is not the end of my punishment, as you take down my knickers, exposing my bare bottom for more strokes of your leather tawse.  If you like traditional school scenes, in traditional settings, then you will LOVE this clip!

A Caning from the Headmaster:

In this final punishment clip in my school uniform, I must face your dreaded cane. In silence, I bend over to receive my just desserts of the school Senior Cane, first over my knickers and then on my bare and exposed bottom.  This caning is hard, and I am left feeling very sorry for myself at the end!  If you love to see me as a schoolgirl, receiving the cane then this is the clip for you!

That is all for now, but watch this space as I am going away next week and I will be creating mucho content!

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