Friday, 17 December 2021

December bumper post!

 Hello folks!  So sorry to be absent, but I have been away (finally!) and have returned to a mountain of things to do (now reduced to a molehill).  I do hope all are well, despite the continued onslaught of chaos the world sees fit to throw at us.  

I am STILL keeping up with TWO updates a day over at my OnlyFans.  A video clip and a photo set is up every day for you to enjoy with gusto.  Not only that, a substantial amount of content I post over there is exclusive to my OnlyFans, so if you want to know more about what makes me tick, then this is the place to be.  Subscribe to my super hot page here:

PLUS you may sit yourself in the hallowed Director's chair and order a custom film with me, where your dreams and desires may be brought to life by yours truly.  What are you still doing here?!

I know there are many of you out there that prefer individual download for all your LAW content, and if that is the case, then you will want to head over to my Clips4Sale page where you will find ALL my hot full-length clips for you to buy, download and enjoy.  Find them here:

Want to find out what's new?  Read on!

School-girl Leia spanked by the ghostly gamekeeper:

I have been sent off to the Old Schoolhouse building for a detention, where I must read the dictionary from beginning to end.  I am nervous, as I have heard the rumours going about the school of a Ghostly Gamekeeper seen in this building.  It cannot be true....can it?

Well!  I begin my detention but I am in for a HUGE shock when I feel my skirt being lifted up and my bottom being spanked by none other than the invisible Ghostly Gamekeeper!  He spanks my bottom good and hard leaving my bottom VERY RED before kicking my legs apart to expose and humiliate me to finish my detention. How humiliating!

School Detention Spanking:

I am frequently very naughty at school ,and known to talk back to my teachers. Not for the first time I have been sent to the headmaster, but today he is planning to try something new.  A more traditional method of punishment.  I am to receive a spanking across his knee, first over my knickers and then on my bare bottom, oh MY!!  

Filmed using two angles you have the pleasure of watching my cheeks go red AND my facial expressions as it does so.  If you like traditional spanking scenes then you will LOVE this one I have made for you!

School Detention Strap:

As you know, I am frequently very naughty at school ,and known to talk back to my teachers. Not for the first time I have been sent to the headmaster, but today he is planning to try something new.  A more traditional method of punishment.  I am to receive the strap across my bottom, first over my knickers and then on the bare, OUCHIES!

Filmed using two camera angles you have the pleasure of watching my bottom go red AND my facial expressions as it does.  Traditional spanking scene lovers rejoice!

School Detention Caning:

I have been caught out at school misbehaving once too often, so the Headmaster has decided to make an example out of me. He is going to cane me.  His dreaded cane is to tickle me first across my knickers but then, I must take my knickers down and taste his cane on my bare cheeks!  This is particularly humiliating for me as the position requested is ankles at shoulder-width, meaning I shall be VERY exposed indeed!

find this clip here:

F-Machine Training!

It has been a while since I have been able to play on my F-machine, so when the opportunity arose I was determined to REALLY enjoy it.  I kneel down, part my legs and take it, slowly at first before speeding it up.  I soon need to spice it up, however, placing an open-mouth gag in my mouth.  My mouth is so vulnerable....would you use it whilst I was being stretched from behind by the machine?  To spice it up further I remove the gag and cuff my hands, rendering myself held in position for the machine's relentless pumelling.  Finally, I REALLY spice it up by reddening my bottom, with a wooden spoon and my hand!

Filmed using two angles, you are treated to my reactions and the machine's ministrations as I complete my training session of submission on the machine.  Am I ready to serve? 

Fully Fashioned F-machine Fun:

Oh I do love my alliterations! I also love my training on the F-machine.  Here, I am legs apart and in the air, in a lacy lingerie set and a pair of fully fashioned nylon stockings.  See me train myself to be gagged, cuffed and spanked whilst the machine pounds away at my increasingly wet pussy. I just can't help enjoying it!  See me taking it good and hard in this clip.....

French Maid Dry Humping:

You have set me the task of cleaning your house, dressed in my finest French maid's outfit.  In my high heels and fully fashioned seamed stockings I quickly find myself getting a little frisky.  Mop in hand I start dry humping the handle, writhing against it filled with ecstasy.  I hump the mop handle over my panties, before giving in to my desire and pulling my knickers to one side to thrust my wet pussy against the handle. This is soooooo hot!!

Awaiting the Cane from the Head:

I have been sitting outside for nearly half an hour now.  I am so nervous that I must share how I feel on camera with you, how my nerves are making me feel and what is to come when I enter the head's office. Unable to sit still, I describe what I expect to happen to me in great detail, even showing you how I will be expected to present my bottom for the cane. Then, you see my reactions after my 12 strokes from the Head.  Tearful and full of remorse I describe my dread of further punishment when I get home in this verbal story clip!

Secretary Striptease:

I am your secretary, and I love to please you in any way I can.  Today, you ask me for a sensual dance and I am most happy to oblige! In my high heels, vintage stockings, pencil skirt and blouse, I dance sensually to the music, slowly stripping off for you in this VERY erotic clip!

That is all folks!  I do hope you enjoy all my content, as I have so much fun making it! much love to you xxx 

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