Tuesday, 24 May 2022

What a fun month!

 Hello folks, I hope this post finds you well.  I have some news for you: On 7th May I passed my Divemaster so I am now officially a professional scuba diver.  A short interlude is currently on before I move on to my Instructor programme.  I am so excited for this new chapter in my life.  Onto all things kink (after all this is why you visit me here).  I have some exciting news for my OnlyFans too:

I have started a new interactive series, and I just love the concept, called Cum Play With Me.  Every time I have a fantasy I write it down and then share it with you in a clip, telling you every single juicy detail whilst playing with myself until I cum.  These clips ONLY go on my fans pages so you have to be a member of my OnlyFans (or AdmireMe for those who prefer that format) to see them.  Cum and join me today and share in my most intimate thoughts and desires:




There is also a new series available on my Clips4Sale page, where you may find my full-length clips.  I have many clips and many kinks for you to browse, so take a look here:

Novice Nun Spanked:

Leia has enrolled as a nun, and was doing very well in her studies until she discovered the sins of the flesh....caught masturbating in her traditional white cotton blouse and bloomers she soon finds herself in a very humiliating position; across her Mentor's knee for a thorough spanking over her knickers and then, horror of horrors, Leia's white cotton knickers are pulled down for a further spanking on her bare bottom.  Not allowed up until the Father believes her to have learned her lesson, Leia begs forgiveness. Can she forgo the pleasures of the flesh in the future or will her hands be caught wandering when the urge proves too much?

Filmed in HD with two cameras, providing a facial shot and a shot of my bottom, this is a traditional spanking scene that connoisseurs of the genre will absolutely adore!  Produced, directed and edited by me, I truly hope you like it!

Find it here:  https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/153887/26176909/naughty-novice-nun-spanked

Novice Nun Leia punished with the strap:

Novice Nun Leia has not learned her lesson!  I find my hands wandering towards sin once more, and once more I am caught masturbating and pleasuring myself. Fearing for my mortal soul, the Father takes his fearsome Strap of Sin to my bottom.  I take 18 strokes over my knickers and 18 strokes on my bare bottom. Once my punishment is complete I am placed on my knees, hands on my head for a period of silent reflection.

Naughty Novice Nun Caned:

When novice Nun Leia is caught masturbating for a THIRD time, the Father decides that he must teach me a lesson I will never forget, with the senior school cane.  I am called to his office and bent over the mantlepiece to feel the sting of His stick. I must take 36 strokes in total, 18 over my knickers and 18 on my bare bottom. I am left kneeling with my knickers still at my thighs, red bottom on display for a well-deserved period of reflection.  I hope to never stray from the path of righteousness again with my bottom on fire so!

I hope you enjoy them folks, they were DEFINITELY hot to make 😇

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