Sunday, 1 May 2022

May Bank Holiday Highlights!

Hello folks!  What a busy time it has been catching up with all my work on the vanilla side of my world (very scientific, and interesting!).  I apologise for not updating you before this time.  I have been away for a few days in Wales on a walking break, where I filmed some FANTASTIC new content, which is coming to my OnlyFans and Clips4Sale today!

Here is what you will find inside my OnlyFans:

1. 965 clips ALL available to watch as I never archive anything.

2. 5.2K piccies (yes really!), again all available all of the time!

1.  Exclusive clips!  I make these ONLY for my fans page, where I share my kinky fantasies and thoughts, some of my most personal moments and some of my vanilla activities with you.  You really are a part of my inner world, so if you really want to get to know me then join today!

2. I upload a NEW CLIP every day and a ton of piccies per week.  I never miss an update so you know you will be excited by new content from me EVERY DAY

3. Enjoy my full-length clips in episode format....always leaving you wanting more!

4. Vote and join in on what training clips I make and chat with me in my DMs....I am always happy to have a chat with my fans so don't be shy!

5. Order your Custom Clip with me. Take the director's chair and order a custom clip with me and let me bring your ULTIMATE fantasy to life....with me as your plaything

I have your mouth watering, don't I?  well join me here today:

Of course I also love to write, film, edit and produce content in the form of full-length films for you to download.  I have made 189 to date and you may find them all here:

Now I just HAVE to tell you all about my latest updates! 

Mile High Club Anal F machine fun:

My Audition to the Captain's Mile High Club continues in this scene, but the stakes are raised for Stewardess Leia. In this scene, I must take the machine in my ass good and hard to please the Captain. I must show me taking it in two different positions that expose me as much as possible.

The first position has me on my back, legs in the air and wide apart. it leaves little to the imagination! Not only do I take the f-machine in my bottom but I spank myself hard as the machine pummels away at my anus.

The second position has me on all fours, which exposes me less, until the captain has me part my cheeks wide to test my submissiveness , finally I am to spank my bottom with a traditional wooden hairbrush.

This scene made me so hot, you would not believe! I shot this myself, using two cameras to give you different perspectives on my anal submission! 

Find this clip here:

Slippering my muscular thighs:

I just LOVE to punish myself, when I feel the need. Today I use my household slippers on the one area that is most sensitive; my thighs. In this clip I punish all the areas I know and love to inner thighs, the backs of my thigh and the fronts in four different positions! Watch all my tender areas become nice and red as I leave no area of skin untouched from my leather-soled slipper!

Snorkel Shower Scenes:

I have ANOTHER kinky scuba scene for you lovelies, this time I have fun in the shower, putting on my fins and then my mask and snorkel.  I cannot resist showing off and filling my mask full of shower water, controlling my breath, and then clearing my mask!  

I have some handy clothespins on the side, which I pin to my wet (and therefore very tender!) pussy lips, before pulling them off. You can hear my cries as they echo through my snorkel!

Taking my kinky to a whole new level, I take off one of my fins and hump myself with it, bringing myself to quite a frenzy of excitement! 

Eyeing up the handheld shower attachment, I have one final idea. Can I bring myself to orgasm using just the power of my shower water?  Oh I think I can!

April showers?  My favourite!

Kink By Candlelight:

In my play room today, I light a single candle to shed light across my naked body. I have two more candles to play with, one red candle and one white candle.  Il right a candle, let the wax build before pouring the hot wax onto my most sensitive areas; my nipples and my pussy lips.  I even try dripping some onto my bare bottom cheeks before coming over all excited and pouring wax all over my naked body!

Sassy Secretary:

Leia has quite the attitude at work and has had her boss wrapped around her little finger for years!  However, today Leia is in for one hell of a shock; she has a new boss and he knows all about her and her attitude and sets Leia on a path of being less Sassy Secretary and more Subbie Secretary, by having her do a set of VERY humiliating tasks.  These include offering guests and staff a blowjob for an entire shift, bending over, holding herself WIDE open to be fingered and fondled by staff and visitors in both her pussy and her ass.  

Turns out though, Leia likes this treatment as she is caught masturbating at the thought of what she has been made to do this past week.  What a naughty Subbie Secretary!

Gagged Talking Heads:

A while ago I tried a gag talk experiment with a head harness I love. I was asked what difference a gag makes when trying to talk through them, which had me thinking...what is the difference?  Well, in this clip I try out 5 different gags. A mouth-filler, two open mouth gags, a bar gag and last of all, my own knickers. I produce A LOT of spit in this, as I try and make my way through the first pages of the dictionary with my gags in place.  If you like gags, spit and gag talk then you will really enjoy this scene with me!

That's all for now folks!  I am off on an editing spree.  Do enjoy all my tasty content!

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