Saturday, 25 July 2009

Events going on Cyber Scene world

Ok folks I have two pieces of news for you (both of which you may have already heard but hey, you never know!)
First is something quite interest. Would you like a month's free membership to a website? well Ludwig has a competition going on which will give the winner a free month on Bars and Stripes, which is set in a prison. I used to be centrally involved with this site, but for a couple of reasons I had to leave, however I am sure they are still doing good work over there, so if you are interested in Ludwig's competition and a month's free spanking site membership then visit the following link
Second of all, another of our girls has opened a blog of her own, the one and only Aleesha Foxx. A good friend of mine and a stunning looking lady who really loves the spanking life, this blog is really one to visit so please take a look at her blog and leave her some comments at Aleesha Foxx
Ok, to use a famous quote in the cartoon world, "That's all folks!!"

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