Monday, 30 March 2020


Hello folks!

Since uploading far more video content onto my OnlyFans page I have had many of you write to me and ask me if I would do a clip site.  Well, here it is!  Take a look here:

On this page you may pick and chose the clips you like and make a SINGLE payment to buy the video.  That way, if you do not like to be on a member site, don't like getting rebilled, then this is for you!  

POINT TO NOTE:  DO NOT buy these clips if you are one of my OnlyFans peeps, as these videos are the same as those I am uploading on my FanPage, I have created this site for folks who prefer to make individual video clip purchases. 

I have six clips on my at the minute:

  • Nettles!  A compilation of my nettles punishments on my bottom, pussy and boobies!  If you like to see a girl suffer under the sting of nettles, then this is a clip for you!
  • Pussy punishments.  Watch me spank, strap and cane my pussy until it is red and sore in a discipline video to control my you think I manage it?
  • Spanking!  Of course!  You get to see my bottom turn rosy in white panties, until they are pulled down for the bare bottom spanking that I deserve. 
  •  Dildo training!  See me unable to resist the sensation of that dildo cock inside me before being made to suck it squeaky clean!
  • Double penetration.  See me stretch myself with a double ended dildo and train myself serve..
  • Pussy examination.  I am ordered to undergo a thorough and intimate inspection of my pussy and you decide if I am too wet...
  • Anal training.  I am undergoing ongoing training to train my bottom to serve properly.  Watch this first clip of my training, where I stretch myself with my fingers, a plug and measure my temperature to prepare myself to receive the F-machine in my bottom (coming soon, when my training is complete!)

I have 6 clips up at present with 5 more to come that are ready prepared for your delectation and shall be making more all the time!  Check it out today!

Leia xxx

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