Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Content baby!

Hello folks!  These are very strange times we are living in.  I do not remember the last time I was home for so long.  I hope you are all keeping safe and keeping well.

I just wanted to keep you updated on the content I have for you to all enjoy at the minute!  First, my clips store at:

This currently has 15 titles on there, so go take a look now!  For the spanko's amongst you there is:

 - 18 of the cane - I am stripped naked and made to touch my toes for 18 stinging strokes of the   cane for my cheek.

- A dose of the cane - I am given a good taste of the cane to keep me in line....but does it work?

- Earning the wooden spoon - One of my least favourite implements, so watch me suffer here.

- spanking in white panties - Because for me, white cotton panties are punishment panties.

- Straps and plimsoles - Sometimes a spanking is not enough and I need to be taken further in hand....and here I am!!

AAAAAND, for those of you who are a little on the kinky side and want to see more of that side to me there is:

- dildo training - where I am stretched and trained to please Master and Mistress.

- Nettles - I rub nettles over my most tender parts under your instruction.  OUCH!!

- Pegged lips - watch me place many clothes pegs onto my sensitive lips as instructed by you!

- pegs and wax - I felt frisky in the bath so I pegged my nipples and showered them in wax!

- Playing with myself - I just cannot resist having an illicit play....should I be punished?

 - Pussy exam - An up close and personal look at my most intimate areas to check for wetness.  Only you decide.

- Pussy punishments - Your orders are for me to punish my tender pussy for playing with myself, and I must obey you.

ENJOY folks!

ALSO, on my 

I am updating every day with NEW CLIPS, PICTURES and you are welcome to chat with me via DM any time!  Now has never been a better time to join in my training....I need it!!

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