Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Bent over for the cane....

Oh my!  I have really done it now.  I just do not know when to keep my mouth shut do I?  You order me into the front room and strip off all my clothing.  I am to stand facing the blinds and wait for you.  As time passes I become more and more nervous before finally I see you enter from the corner of my eye and I cannot help but notice you are carrying a cane in your hands.

You order me to bend over and touch my toes.  You want to see my bottom taut for your cane.  I assume the position for the punishment to begin.....

This scene is uploaded TODAY on my so sign up to see how your punishment of me plays out.  Other than this clip I have:

1. OVER 200 video clips of me and my punishments for you to enjoy, with new clips going up daily at the minute!

2. OVER 2500 pictures of me.  Oh I say!

Enjoy folks, and speak soon!

L xxx

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