Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Shadow lane's London derrieres out now

Yes our exploits from Vegas are finally out....and below describes my favourite section of the film with the very gentlemanly but highly strict Keith Jones. The DVD/VHS costs only $29.95, so it is a real bargain!

Keith Jones joins the ladies from the UK in the role of disciplinarian when Leia Ann Woods, Jadi Reese and Andi start acting up and carrying on at the hotel where he has placed them as his guests. Naturally, he decides the only way to respond is to corporally punish them all, first by taking them over his knee, then by bending them over and smartening them all up with a cane!Irresistible in her extra short plaid skirt, pink panties and stunning pink ribbon-tie high-heeled pumps, Leia Ann Woods displays the lissome, leggy silhouette that made her an international fetish star. Keith takes the time to spank her heart-shaped bottom on her panties before peeling them down to bare her exquisitely firm and satiny cheeks. Keith then proceeds to match her backside to the color of those ultra pink panties with an old-fashioned, over the knee, hand spanking. After her panty-warming, Leia Ann Woods is hand-spanked nude by Keith for getting three sheets to the wind and dancing on tables in the casino of the hotel where he has placed the girls as his guests. Keith Jones straps a nude Leia Ann Woods for behavior unbecoming a lady while his guest at a local hotel. Jadie Reese and Andi observe. Lusciously voluptuous Jadie Reese is spanked in a green silk dress and pale-green full-seated panties by Keith Jones. Presently her full, shapely bottom is bared for a hard, hand spanking. Jadie Reese is strapped nude by Keith Jones for running up huge room service bills while his guest at a Vegas hotel. The English girl protests her innocence but the numbers don't lie so she must feel the doubled leather belt on her soft, vulnerable bare bottom. Sophisticated blonde UK cougar Andi is spanked on both her thonged and bare bottom by Keith Jones. Andi is just as culpable for the bad behavior of the group as the others and therefore she comes in for a nude strapping from Keith as well. Caned Chorus Line 3 wild English girls paint Vegas red and Vegas returns the compliment, British style, with a sound nude caning a piece from Keith Jones. London Derrierres delivers superb action, lively dialog, and a degree of unselfconscious abandon that only real spanking enthusiasts bring to the scene. Running time: 78 minutes.

enjoy folks...

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MarQe said...

Can't wait !!!


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